Boston Calling!




I’m Tyler, I’m on the street team for Boston Calling, but have always admired the design work done for the festival. I was a graphic design major in college, and have wanted to work in the music business focusing on the intersection of music + design  when I first began designing years ago. I'm aware that Knorth Studios created the branding for the festival and even maybe most visuals we see. However, I have knowledge in both the art and design fields, as I’m a practicing artist and designer, and would love to assist “in-house” in any way that I can.
Each year, I go out of my way to visit the sculpture gardens and admire the design work on signage, screens, etc. I believe that these visuals are an integral part of the festival, and would love to help create some amazing stuff. My most current work can be seen here as well as my insta: @tylrsmthdesign.

If working in the arts is unavailable, I’d be happy to provide services in any other way!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and cheers! See y’all in May!